Thursday, June 6, 2013

Join us on a Journey.....

What is it all about? 

The collective human consciousness is full of false ideas and beliefs that condition our individual actions and reactions. They affect the groups we belong to; and national policies just as much. Many of these false ideas and beliefs are traceable to the main religions that so deeply permeate our various cultures and our entire civilization that they affect even the non-believers. Increasingly, the wallpaper of religious dogmas can longer hide the cracks in the wall expressed as the incoherence and irrelevance of their teachings.
In many of us there is an innate need to satisfy a hunger we generally associate with our spiritual search. An increasing number of people, in particular young people, seek answers outside religions. The pity is that most, if not all Holy Scriptures from the great religions have the answers so many of us are in need of. But they are incoherent when read literally. For a number of reasons we will evoke in this book, the teachings from the great masters about whom Scriptures were written have been both veiled and modified in the process that brought them to us.   
Rescuing the Scriptures in general, the Bible in particular, has become urgent because the human condition at the beginning of this twenty first century continues to rapidly deteriorate, and will not get any better so long as the collective consciousness is poisoned. It is a spiritual truth that our experiences emanate from our consciousness; and that our experience can change only to the extent our consciousness changes first. It is true for individuals as well as for groups or nations.
The intent of this small book is to challenge many of the false ideas so many of us take as “gospel.” Freed from them, we are more likely to find the solutions we need, from the teaching of the great spiritual masters, particularly those spoken of in the Bible. We need to learn to approach Scriptures with a new outlook. We need to challenge dogmatic interpretations in order to discover the timeless value and wisdom from the great masters, and embrace their contribution as our shared heritage. This great treasure has been taken away from us. We have been robbed of it, but the good news is that we can recover it. And we must!
The book The Great Spiritual Robbery was published in 2007. The intent of the book was alluded to by its subtitle: “Abuses of Religious Ideologies, from Jerusalem, to Washington and Baghdad.” It decried the sad realities that all major religions have lost the spiritual principles enunciated and exemplified by the spiritual masters who inspired the religions that evolved from them.

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